How to Use Your Humidifier/Diffuser Properly (Including Maintenance Tips and Advice)

Diffuser Humidifier Maintenance

How to Use Your Diffuser/Humidifier Properly (Including Maintenance Tips and Advice)

Now that you’ve purchased one of our delightful diffusers and/or humidifiers, we thought we would put together this short guide to make sure you’re getting the most out of your chosen product. We know that not all of you like to read the instruction book!  

We’ve also included a few hints and tips for looking after your diffuser/humidifier so that it continues to function as it should. So without further ado, let’s get started!


Setting up Your Diffuser/Humidifier

While each of our products has its own unique set up procedure, there are some general rules you can follow when setting up your diffuser/humidifier. Firstly, open opening up the product you should clearly see where the water is supposed to be added.

Use a small jug or glass to fill your device to the indicated maximum capacity. We recommend using standard tap water. Avoid pouring in water over the capacity as it could potentially damage your product.

Then, if you are using the diffuser element, once you’ve poured in your water, simply add a few drops of your essential oil before securing the lid and turning the diffuser on. We recommend no more than two or three drops of essential oil per 100ml of capacity. For larger diffusers, you may need up to 20 drops when filled up to the top.     

Everyone reacts slightly differently to essential oils, so experiment to see which is the correct ratio for you.


Maintenance Tips and Advice for Your Diffuser/Humidifier

When it comes to maintaining your diffuser or humidifier, the first thing you need to stay on top of is replacing the cotton filters. Over time, these filters become clogged and eventually they need to be substituted for a new one.

By replacing your cotton filters, not only do you ensure that you receive a higher quality mist, but you also make sure that your diffuser or humidifier doesn’t become damaged as a result of faulty filtration.

If you use your diffuser and humidifier every day, we recommend replacing your filter at least once every two months. If you use your device on a lighter basis (such as three times a week), we would recommend replacing once every four months. Adapt your frequency of filter replacement to reflect your specific usage requirements.

Cleaning your humidifier | Miss Misty Blogs

Regular cleaning of your product is also good practice to make sure that nothing interferes with the health benefits of your humidifier or diffuser. When cleaning, make sure the device is unplugged and completely empty before adding a touch of mild kitchen detergent and warm water to wipe and clean the product gently. Allow the product to thoroughly dry before further use.

Once again, your cleaning regimen is going to depend mainly on your usage schedule. For daily use, we suggest cleaning at least once a week. For lighter use, we recommend twice per month.


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